Hope Died Today


For I was walking across the sea
when I heard the trumpet call
my heart broke so hard
I lost my balance and started to fall
looking straight up
I had always wondered if there was a god
I know now, for sure there’s not
never was
Never at all.

- William Francis

Le sigh…

14 years later, I finally got this album. This song still gives me chills… #One #Metallica #AndJusticeForAll #CD #musicalbum #metal #thrashmetal  #music
True story… #quotes #joanjett #strength #fragilesouls
This has been, by far, the hardest thing for me to do… #quotes #JoanJett #believeinyourself #strength

“There are certain people that come into your life, and leave a mark. I’m talking about the ones who, for whatever reason, are as much a part of you as your own soul. Their place in your heart is tender, a bruise of longing, a pulse of unfinished business. Just hearing their names pushes and pulls at you in a hundred ways, and when you try to define those hundred ways, describe them even to yourself, words are useless. If you had a lifetime to talk, there would still be things left unsaid.”

—   This speaks to me….

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Random thoughts: It always amazes me just how much I have changed….back when I was younger all I wanted was to find my “soul mate”. Now, the last things I want is to put up with anyone else’s shite. The last thing I want is for anyone to have to put up with my own shite. After all this time I can only recall falling in love once with only tiny little spurts of emotions that felt like love in between… I honestly don’t know if I could ever feel that way again. I guess for the first time in my life I am actually kinda scared of running into “the one” because of the fact that I don’t know if I could ever truly love someone unconditionally…


The Crow

Forever my favorite film….

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I MIGHT leave it as is…but here’s what I’ve done thus far… “El Indio” 2014 #art #portraits #NativeAmericans #AmericanIndians #NativePride